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How to Draw Simplified Superhero Anatomy! (Male)

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Greetings fellow artist!

Have you been drawing since you can remember, but still seem to struggle when it comes sketching anatomy? That's how it was for me. No matter how much I learned and practice, there was always something in my art that just seemed a bit off. I was frustrated to say the least and back then, almost to the point of giving up. Fortunately, my love for comics and drawing was too strong for that and I kept going. And going.

Over a decade later and thousands of hours of relentless practice and studying under some of my favorite artists, some of who eventually became my mentors, I finally broke through.

And you can too... 

Welcome to my new courseHow to Draw (Simplified) Superhero Anatomy - MaleWhere you will learn to draw better anatomy, faster and become more intuitive and confident with your anatomy sketching skills.

I designed this course for anyone seeking to noticeably improve their current ability to draw superhero anatomy in an easy to grasp, simplistic kind of way, without getting unnecessarily caught up and bogged down with all the complicated terms. If my guess is correct, you’ve probably already studied enough anatomy books and charts to practically become a doctor!

About this Course:

  • This course is about applying what you are learning in real-time.

  • Over 8 hours and 30 plus of On Demand video streaming, Sketch Templates and more

  • This is not a typical anatomy course full of redundant and complicated terminology or memorizing the Latin names.

  • You will not be just listening to monotonous lectures and watching slides.

  • This course was meticulously designed to help you improve your understanding of Superhero Anatomy in a Simple way

  • This is a "No Nonsense" course. I am all about getting results and I believe that if you follow the course outline and stick with it... You. Will. Get. Results.

Here are just few things you'll learn in this course: 

  • What does simplified mean when it comes to Art - And why it helps

  • Superhero Anatomy and Proportions - Thinking with and understanding shapes

  • How to quickly Breakdown your sketches

  • Quick Gestures - Show energy and add life to your poses

  • Dynamic Poses - The right poses can catch any eye

  • Heads and Faces - Expressions and mood

  • Drawing from reference - How to spot the shapes and capture the pose

  • Pro Techniques - I've picked up from my mentors

  • Preventing Stiffness and Low Energy poses - No more stiffness  in your Sketches

  • Composition & Layout and Design

  • And much, much more


          By the end of this course you’ll be able to quickly analyze, recognize and confidently draw what was previously one of the most difficult and bewildering areas to understand… Superhero Anatomy.

          I’ll be teaching you with a method I learned throughout my career as an artist that I refer to as “simplified layouts” which focuses more on simple shapes and nuances that lead to a great finished sketch. This method yields results and FAST.

       Not only will we cover the details and application of this technique, but I’ll also be practicing it with you.

That’s right, this isn’t just a point and talk course, I’ll personally be in the trenches showing you in real-time how I do it while explaining the process at the same time. Together, I’ll walk you through the entire process, step by step.

           Lastly, this is what I like to call and “On Demand” course, where I will be continually adding more content based on your needs - I truly believe that learning is a nonstop endeavor and I really want you to get the most out of this. This course is for you and about you.

        The Ideal student for this course, is someone who has a sincere passion for art and really wants to improve and grow their skillset and confidence as an artist. You could be an aspiring comic book artist, storyboard, animation, video game or character design artist … or maybe you haven’t quite picked your field yet, but you know this is something you really feel fired up about and you just can't get enough of it. The only thing that matters to me is that you are ready and willing to commit to your Craft... the rest is just about showing up.

            Aside from having the basic ability to sketch, There are no requirements needed to enroll - just be open minded, ready to learn and most importantly, willing to put in the practice. I'll be here rooting for you!

        Feel free to look through the course description and I look forward to seeing you inside!


- Mike Van Orden

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How to Draw Simplified Superhero Anatomy! (Male)

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